Saturday, February 5, 2011

5 Weeks Down, 3 Left.

     Well it has already been five weeks. I enjoy working up here in Rhode Island, not only for the experience from work but the fairly new experience of living in snow. There has been a good amount of snow at least once a week, every week, so far. At work I am still working in the Environmental Department. I think working there is a very good experience because i get the opportunity to see the level or organization and involvement necessary to get anything productive done.

     Unfortunately there is not much to do around East Greenwich, Rhode Island except go to the many, many pubs (which of course I am not able to get into because I'm under 21). Recently I did find an area to pull over on the side of the road where many people go when it snows to ride sleds and such down the hills. There was nobody there when i went because it had gotten so cold that the top layer had frozen solid. There are a couple of malls in the area but they can only provide so much entertainment. Therefore, I tend to spend most of my time after work reading or playing on my Xbox 360, and on the weekends i force myself to sleep until late in the morning.

     Escribire mas cuando haga algo,
     Eric Harris

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