Monday, January 10, 2011

First Week of Work at Electric Boat

     Well here I am, sitting in my room on monday evening. I must say that the first week of work at Electric Boat was entertaining and quite dull at the same time. The group of new hires that were with the four of us Webbies here were hilarious. An entire week of lectures and videos comprising orientation was one of the most boring things I've been through in a long while.

     On the whole though, being able to see the facilities on tours and what not was quite entertaining and insightful. I saw a lot of what goes on in the workplace and as the days passed I became more and more interested in working there. Once I learned that the department that I am working in was heated and inside I became even more interested and enthralled with the idea of working here. The people are quite friendly and entertaining despite the comments of "The engineers are airheads!" whenever they encounter an issue with the drawings or designs. The funny thing is that those comments have grown in number and frequency since they found out we are design interns.

     Today was our first day of work and we hit the ground running. I had a mentor who walked me through the first piece of work quickly then gave me a couple more jobs and simply said "Go." So it was either hit the ground running or crash and burn. I decided to give hitting the ground running a chance, and i did. It was rather funny that the inspections guy turned to me about 3/4 of the way through the day and said, "Geez, slow down a bit will ya?"

     So far everything here is absolutely amazing, although i did hear that from past ezperience with Webbies there is a plan in the works to try and cycle us through different departments every week or two to introduce us to as much as possible on the floor and in production instead of in the design firms.

     Ciao mi amigos.
     Y que les vayan bien. =]

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